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Royals in the News

7th November 2016

It's Royal season on the TV Channels with mega-celebrations this centennial year of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 where the Anglo-Saxon King Harold was killed by the Norman Invader William the Conqueror.  Three thousand re-enactors from across the world came to spend the weekend reliving the battle, at Battle.  Swords clashed, arrows flew, horses charged.  As usual the crowds cheered King Harold and boo'ed William.  To no avail.  The Normans won.  Again.

This battle revolutionised England's laws, culture, language and installed a ruling class who's descendants still hold vast swathes of the land.  Celebrated, or commemorated, in the Bayeux Tapestry depending on your nationality, the 21st century clash filled our news bulletins.  We had armies marching from York in the north down to Battle in East Sussex in the week before, stopping off at schools and clubs to talk about the sequence of events and inspiring others to learn more.  Then the battle itself, 3,000 men and women fighting and enjoying the camaraderie of the day, displayed for all to see on our screens. Shortly thereafter, we launched into a TV series about the young Queen Victoria swiftly followed by young Elizabeth II on Netflix.  It seems the world can't get enough of our Royal Family!

It was always thus. 

True some of our minor Kings and Queens don't quite make the global stage - who remembers Ethelred the unready! but these are overshadowed by those who dominate.  Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I from the glorious Tudor Age.  They brought a rich mix of intrigue and passion, love and betrayal, greed and devotion.  They generated stories which captured people's imaginations then and still do today.  What stories will we have to tell our visitors in 2017 I wonder?

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  • 'This tour was so much fun and I definitely would consider doing something like this again. I learnt so much!'

    Adrienne Savoldi, Pittsberg, Pensylvania
  • 'Overall we were extremely pleased with the preparation, attentiveness of Steve before and during our time in England.'

    Lilian Perotto, Toronto, Canada
  • 'We could not have asked for a better host. Steve was knowledgeable adding perspective and amazing insight.'

    Jim and Debbie Trumbley, BC, Canada
  • 'Just excellent. Can’t wait to come back and do another visit. I travel a lot and it’s such a better experience with a knowledgeable guide.'

    Vicki, California, USA
  • 'The group had diverse interests and our guide was able to meet the needs of everyone.'

    Marcy Caplin, Cleveland, Ohio
  • 'I just wanted to say what a fabulous trip we had! Truly the best trip I have ever taken. I would go with Tudor History Tours in a heartbeat.'

    Cathy Cole, Michigan
  • 'I feel like I have a lifelong tour guide when coming to London. The entire experience was exceptional.'

    Annette Bloom, California
  • 'The entire agenda was planned out well with careful research and attention to detail. This tour fully realised my objectives for this trip.'

    Jeanne Mangemilli, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  • 'I think the whole thing is JUST GREAT! You've included most of the "must see" places for England.'

    Jackie Jenkins, Atlanta, USA
  • 'Steve is wonderful! Kind, thoughtful, patient, really nice to be with, so knowledgeable. A pleasure.'

    Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar, San Francisco
  • 'Steve was great at personalising the tour and enthusiastic. All the places were very interesting, each in their own way.'

    Karen Yell, New York
  • 'What a memorable, magical tour through Tudor England. It exceeded all expectations - and I have pretty high expectations!'

    Bonnie Scott, Seattle, USA
  • 'Steve was constantly striving to give us the best experience possible. Very personable and knowledgeable.'

    Janet Storm, North Carolina, USA
  • 'Atmosphere was everywhere and if you are at all interested in history, this tour is a must. You will never find another quite like it.'

    Barbara Goodall, British Columbia, Canada

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