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Tudor History Tours of England  

Are you fascinated by English history and particularly those terrific Tudors?  You're not alone!  IMG_5522tower

The Tudor Age is the most talked about, written about and filmed period in over 2,000 years of British History.

You can now experience the loves and lives of Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Jane Seymour and other historical figures on our unique Tudor England tours.  On our small group tours we go beyond the typical tourist trail to give you a real insight into the personalities and places of merry olde Tudor England and the dynasty that saw two of the greatest love affairs of the age.

Our 2016 Tudor History Tours Calendar

Go to the blog page to view our 2016 Tudor History Tours Calendar which features some of the places we visit and some of the people we meet along the way.  To order your free copy of the Calendar email info@tudorhistorytours.com

You will love our Historical tours of Tudor England

Here's 5 reasons why!

1.  You will learn so much intriguing Tudor history detail from your knowledgeable entertaining and friendly guide.

2.  Relive the lives of fascinating Tudor Kings, Queens and courtiers by visiting palaces, castles and off the beaten track, less well known Tudor sites.  Join us on a tailor-made tour or one of our set tours.  Fascinated by family intrigue as in the best-selling Wolf Hall? Our popular 6 Wives tour delves deep into their lives and visits 23 historic sites!

3.  Experience historical England by staying in charming old coaching inns and historic hotels brimming with character.  Some even have ghosts! (Allegedly)

4.  Prices include your expert guide, transport during the tour, all entrance fees and activities, bed and breakfast and medieval banquet.  Remember to chat to us if you have any mobility issues - Tudor houses and castles have lots of steps, restricted access points and there is a lot of walking so you need to be fit and active.

5.  We were featured as one of The Guardian newspaper's top interactive and quirky ways to explore historic Britain.  Read our testimonials too - our customers come from Europe, America and Australia to spend their holiday or vacation time enjoying English towns and countryside on an historical Tudor tour.

To find out about each one of our themed tours click on the holiday buttons above or go to the Holiday page.


How would you like to tour?      

You can join one of our escorted themed Tudor history tours for small groups.  Perhaps you are captivated by Henry VIII or would like to immerse yourself in the lives of influential Tudor Women

Want an exclusive tour?  Then we can design a tour to suit your particular interests - whether you are a small family or a large group.  Contact us to chat about your requirements.

Stop Press!

Special event in  2017!

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, Tudor History Tours presents the 7-nights, 8-day “Tudor Lives and Literary Delights” tour which embraces the stories of Tudor women and those whose lives were influenced beyond their time.  Centuries later Jane Austen tried to ‘rescue’ their reputations in the 1800s and Virginia Woolf, in the 1940s championed their literary achievements.  To find out more get in touch now!

2017 tours now available for booking!